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About MTS

MTS is a not-for-profit organization, with goals of expanding the love of tango, encouraging instruction in the Madison area, reaching out to other dance communities, and continuing a positive learning environment for dancers at all levels.

MTS is run by a Board of Directors, elected by the membership.  The Board elects Officers.  The members of the MTS Board, along with their Officer positions and their email contact information, are:

Jennifer Sutherland (President)

Mark Gahler (Vice President)

Janna Jilnina (Secretary)

Tony DeGregoria (Treasurer)

jennifer ‘at’

mark ‘at’

janna ‘at’

tony ‘at’

Madison Tango Society Inc. is a Wisconsin non-stock corporation with bylaws and policies.  

View them here:  MTS - Bylaws   MTS - Policies

We would also like to express our enormous gratitude to these people for supporting Madison Tango Society and donating their time, energy and ideas to MTS.  (Did we mention that this list is in no way complete?)

Krista Spiro

Director: 2005 - 2010

Can Bora

Director: 2005 - 2006

Angie Fadness

Director: 2005 - 2010

Ben Klam

Director: 2005 - 2006

Marek Szotkowski

Director: 2005

Diana Leystra

Director: 2006 - 2007

Karen Ostrov

Director: 2007

Steve Fosdal

Director: 2005 - 2008

Martha Stephenson

Director: 2005 - 2009

Rebecca Vanderpool

Director: 2008 - 2010

Marquis Childs

Director: 2008 - 2010

Joseph “Joe” Bequette

Director: 2010 - 2011

John Curran

Director: 2012 - 2013

Doug & Katie Reuhl

Directors: 2014 - 2019

Tango Anyway!

MTS offers practicas on Tuesdays each week, where people informally teach each other tango techniques and movements.  Monthly milongas are held generally on the first Saturday of every month.

As Argentine Tango has become more popular in Madison, we are fortunate to invite instructors from all over the world to teach.  We also have instructors in Madison and surrounding areas that teach classes on a regular basis.

You can support Tango in Madison by making a tax-deductible contribution to MTS through Arts Wisconsin.  To do this, please visit the Arts Wisconsin link here.